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2010/07/14 – Use homemade traps, the easiest way is to put out a cup or bottle of a sweet liquid with a little bit of dish soap or alcohol added and with an inverted open-ended cone placed inside. The flies can’t resist the liquid and are . i keep my bedroom very clean and the rest of the apartment is clean too. we do have two dogs but these flies are never near the dogs so they cant be fleas. plus they are dark black and much bigger than fleas. Answer: If you have gnats in the house, it usually means the presence of one or both of these small flies: FUNGUS GNATS. . Question: My apartment has been invaded by these tiny flying insects (I think they are gnats). They don’t bite, they’re . These are not houseflies or fruit flies, but very elusive little black coloured flies. They don’t bite or do anything nasty, but having them hovering in the apartment is very unsightly. I live near agricultural lands which might explain . 2009/10/25 – Does anyone here know how to get gnats out of an apartment? It’s a pretty small place, just a kitchen/living room, bedroom, and bathroom. . I had fruit flies pretty bad in my apartment this summer for some reason. They’re a . Fruit Flies! They Have Invaded My Apartment. – posted in General Chat: I have put on a few pounds recently and in my efforts to remove them decided a little healthy living would be a good thing. So what do I doI go to the . 2018/06/26 – While fresh fruit is a welcome addition to anyone’s kitchen, those horrible little fruit flies that sometimes hitch a ride on your bananas? Not so much. If you’re at a loss as to how to get rid of those darn, diminutive things, you’re . 2018/02/28 – It could be pesky gnats or fruit flies—yuck! Where do fruit flies come from? How do you get rid of them? Learn how to create homemade traps for these tiny pests, then use a few easy tips to prevent them from coming back with .

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